26. 01. 2012

Representatives of the Summit100 Business leaders of Southeastern Europe established today in Belgrade its Managing Board with the task to coordinate tangible activities in realization of the agreed at the annual meeting in October 2011 in Arandjelovac.

Members of the Board are reputable representatives of the managers and business organizations with the clear interest in regional integration or with the developed regional presence.
Board members are: Branko Radujko, Telekom Srbija, general manager, Bojan Radun, Nectar, executive director and president of the Serbian Association of Managers (SAM), Maja Piščević, SAM, president of the Board and executive director, Franjo Bobinac, Gorenje, general manager, Iztok Seljak, Hidria, CEO, Sonja Šmuc, the Managers’ Association of Slovenia (ZM), executive director, Duško Knežević, Atlas Grupa, president, Živko Mukaetov, Alkaloid, general manager and president of the Board, Ivan Ergović, Nexe Group, president of the Board and president of the Croatian Employers Association (HUP), Damir Kuštrak, Agrokor, Executive Vice President and Davor Majetić, executive director, HUP.
Mandate of the Board members is three years and the Board agreed to elect for one year term President and two Vice Presidents. President will be from the Association of the country that is organizing next annual Summit100, and Vice Presidents are from the countries that will organize the annual gathering in the following two years. President of the Board for 2012 is Branko Radujko, Telekom Srbija, general manager (representative of SAM) and Vice Presidents are Iztok Seljak, Hidria, CEO (representative of ZM) and Ivan Ergović, Nexe Group, president of the Board (representative of HUP).