14. 07. 2014
We live in a world characterized by globalization and digitization, said the chairman of the Croatian Employers’ Association Ivica Mudrinić at the opening of the Summit100. “Competition from foreign countries and new brands are threatening business operations and future progress, thus making regional cooperation a natural state of affairs for relatively small economies and markets. That is precisely why Summit100 should be the starting point for improving the cooperation as basis for a better and safer future for our fellow citizens,“ Mudrinić added.

Before the start of the roundtables, the President of the Sammit100 Managing Board Damir Kuštrak stressed that many good-quality ideas and messages were expected at the event. “The businessmen at this conference have the chance to convey their ideas to the leaders of the Brdo-Brijuni process, as well as to Europe and the world,“ Kuštrak said.
Chairman of IBM Europe Harry van Dorenmalen stressed the importance of technology in the modern world: “This world needs to be developed, and a better tomorrow created. The present situation in the world is such that more people have mobile phones than access to drinking water. The good thing is that people in the region, participants of the Summit100, have realized that there is no progress without cooperation,“ Dorenmalen is confident.