25. 01. 2012

The Serbian President Boris Tadić meet today with the delegation of business leaders from Slovenia and Serbia, representatives of the Summit 100 business leaders of the region and he supported further business integration of the region with the final goal to create new jobs, better business and living conditions in the region, said the Press office of the President of Serbia in a statement.

The meeting was initiated by the Serbian Association of Managers and the Managers’ Association of Slovenia, organizers of the Summit100, as a follow up to the already established dialogue of business and political leaders of the region at the Summit100, held in October 2011 in Arandjelovac.
President Tadić supported the initiative of further business integration and also projects of cooperation between the companies from the region that would result in a more competitive region, better quality products and services for our citizens and more successful joint act on third markets.
The delegation of business leaders presented the first tangible result of the Summit100, establishment of the Slovenian-Serbian construction consortium Fenix.
Fenix initially gathered more than 40 Slovenian and Serbian construction companies with the aim to cooperate and act jointly on third markets (Russia, Eastern and Southeastern Europa and Middle and Far East). The project was initiated by Serbia’s PSP Farman and Slovenia’s Hidria.
Delegation members informed President Tadić that a Regional Managing Board of the Summit100 will be established tomorrow in the Serbian Association of Managers office. The Board will gather the most distinguished business leaders from Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro and Macedonia. Members of the Board will elect a President and define goals and responsibility of the Board for further strengthening of business ties in the region in the coming period.
Slovenian members of the delegation were Tatjana Fink, general manager, Trimo, Iztok Seljak , CEO, Hidria, Andrej Polenec , general manager Iskratel, Sonja Šmuc, executive director, Managers’ Association of Slovenia, Anton Balažič, CEO, Zito and Anton Papež, general manager, Interenergo.
The Serbian delegation members were Bojan Radun, executive director, Nectar, Branko Radujko, general manager, Telekom Srbija, Branislav Grujic, president, PSP Farman, Miodrag Kostic, president, MK Group and Maja Piscevic, executive director, Serbian Association of Managers.