Meeting the biggest business event in the region

Skopje, October 9, 2017 – Today, in the premises of Alkaloid AD Skopje, a press conference on the occasion of the 6th annual SAMIT100 for Business Leaders from Southeastern Europe, which takes place on October 16 and 17 in Skopje was held

At the press conference, the President of the Management Board of Summit100 and CEO of Alkaloid, Mr. ZhivkoMukaetov and the Program Director of Summit100 and Partner in Alba Partners, Ms. Jelena Radulovic, announced that Skopje and the Republic of Macedonia through the unique regional business platform Summit100 will be hosting more than 100 renowned business leaders and high political representatives from Southeast Europe, who during the two-day event, will discuss the potentials and opportunities of the region as a whole.

Mr. ZivkoMukaetov, who will address on the official opening of the Summit 100, on the press conference pointed out that what makes this business event unique is that it opens up opportunities for real connection and exploitation of the common potential of the countries in our region:

” Summit100 was created as a regional initiative and that is why the members of our Management Board are representatives from the economy from all over the region of Southeast Europe. As chairman of the Board of Directors, but also as a director of a company that operates regionally and internationally, I am aware of the strength and significance of the joint approach and the connection of our countries. Namely, looking at our markets on a global level, they are small, but uniting the interests and capacities in a joint performance, we can be seriously competitive on aninternational leveland at the same time we can turn the attention of the global business towards the investment potential of the countries from the Western Balkans, Croatia and Slovenia. As host of this year’s Summit100, I am really glad that the energy is recognized by many business and political leaders that we expect in the forthcoming days in Skopje “, stated Mr. ZhivkoMukaetov.

The key word of this year’s Summit100in Skopje is “CONNECTIVITY”, connecting in different areas and at different levels. One of the main speakers is the European Commissioner for Transport, Ms. Violeta Bulc, which will be joined by renowned business leaders, representatives of leading regional companies, such as Hidria, ASA Group, Atlas Foundation, Atlantic Group, Gorenje, BMW,Podravka, Philip Morris, BBI, Uber, Bambi and many others, as well as representatives from international financial institutions such as the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development’s (EBRD), the International Finance Corporation (IFC), the European Investment Bank (EIB), the World Bank and many other business sector representatives.

“Year after year, Summit100is progressing and we will be always adding on a new dimension to our initiative. In Skopje, we expect that we will continue to upgrade our model, and Summit100will become an even stronger platform with the help of the good energy in Skopje, but also that we will further concretize our ideas, and for the first time in the history of Summit100, we will present them to the Prime Ministers, in order to make a broader basis for the promotion of regional cooperation” stated Ms. Jelena Radulovic, Program Director of Summit100.

The program of Summit100is divided into two days. On the opening day, the participants will have the opportunity to discuss upon the importance of connecting the region, the development of green mobility as an opportunity for rapid growth, the free movement of goods and services, and how local ideas can become global success, but also around ideas and projects for better coordination and enhancement of the regional cooperation and its approximation to the European Union through the Berlin Process, within which is planned signage of a memorandum of cooperation between the Summit100platform and Komorsk Investment Forum of the Western Balkans 6, based on the recent summit in Trieste.

The second day, the participants of Summit100will be engaged in 5 creative workshops devoted to energy, knowledge-based economy, branding of products from the food and beverage sector, as well as digital economy and tourism. In the course of the day, a political panel of the Prime Ministers of the region is scheduled, whereby the conclusions from the creative workshops will be presented. On the second day, the political leaders will present their views on the “New Deal for the New Age” in line with the slogan of SAMIT100.

The preliminary program is published on the website of SAMIT100.