Iztok Seljak: About Summit100

Dr. IZTOK SELJAK, Chairman of the Management Board Summit100
Summit 100 is a key regional economic platform

Dr. Iztok Seljak believes that we have an extremely valuable generational opportunity to develop our region from that perceived as part of the problem into that which is part of the solution in order to drive Europe’s recovery from the crisis. He is Chairman of the Board of Summit100, regional platforms for the integration of the economy, which was formed in 2011 on the initiative of the Managers Association of Slovenia, the Serbian Association of Managers and the Croatian Employers Association.

What is the idea behind the movement Summit100?
In 2010, businessmen felt the need to start to re-connect to joint appearances on third markets, and to begin removing systemic barriers that were erected between them, especially mental ones, in the minds of the region, in order to begin again the re-opening of the region to the outside – and thus become more interesting for the entry of foreign capital. Summit 100 today is a key regional connection platform for economic development.

Who is involved in Summit100?
The Management Board of Summit100 has brought together the leading representatives of key managerial associations of each of the regional countries, including members of over 100 leading businessmen in the region, who jointly strive for successful development. We represent a significant percentage of regional GDP and have a large informal and formal impact and accountability.

What are the visible results from Summit100?
We have directly contributed to the concept of joint participation in the development of the region as a whole; a concept that has been adopted by all Presidents of the region, from Slovenia to Albania. Today we present an important economic parallel political process Brdo-Brioni or the basis on which it may obtain practical space for its implementation.
Concrete initial projects in the field of joint ventures in third markets has been successful. Phoenix, the construction consortium, which consists of 45 companies in the regional construction sector, has 30,000 employees and €5 billion in total annual sales; Serbian colleagues in Russia have successfully completed projects such as the University of Sochi, Skolkovo, CSKA Stadium etc. and through colleagues in BiH, places in the Arab world – Qatar, Saudi Arabia and other countries.

Does the list include the development of the high-speed railway project and Smart Cities for South Eastern Europe?
When we can sit down in the high-speed train in Ljubljana and quite soon arrived in Zagreb and after a further hour and a half we were in Belgrade and the next hour and a half in Skopje, then the region will actually be quite better connected.
This year’s Summit100 conference is the fourth. What does it mean to be part of this event?
It is remarkable networking, with a circle of people, within which respect for fundamental values and an ethical approach devise and achieve large projects in the region and beyond. It is developing a personal relationship with the majority of presidents, prime ministers and ministers of the region, through which you can proactively contribute to the completion of important regional projects and to ensure participation in them.

Who are the participants – it is an event that it is not possible to register?
Summit100 is usually attended by 150 key managers within the region by personal invitation. This ensures the composition, which has the necessary reputation and the power to achieve the set goals. This means around 30 participants from the Association Of Managers in Slovenia; all who have an interest in their active participation in Summit100, are welcome to connect with us.