Concept Lab for Green Mobility in the Region

EDISON (Eco Driving Innovative SOlutions and Networking) – SUMMIT100

EDISON project grew up to be an innovative platform for future green mobility. It could be rightfully ranked among the key projects for accelerated development of the SEE region.
In the spirit of SUMMIT100’s key word CONNECTIVITY, among other topics, the focus will be on future green mobility as a tool for improving the quality of life in the whole region, as well as the tool for quantum leap of the region in a bid to catch up with advanced global economies and even take leading positions. The 6th SUMMIT100 of business leaders of Southeast Europe, which will be held in Skopje on October 16th and 17th, is proud to announce eSkopje, as continuation of EDISON’s projects eBelgrade and eCelje.

Dr. Iztok Seljak, also Board member of SUMMIT100 and its Vice President, underlines that the goal of the project is to provide massively affordable electrical mobility in the region with regionally developed solutions for it.
“We are reading the megatrends that will shape mobility in the next 20-30 years, and are striving to be a step ahead of others in implementing the required sophisticated high-tech solutions. While In the next three to five years we will objectively still largely depend on internal combustion engines and need to further radically improve them, we are at the same time proactively developing the region into a natural laboratory for green future mobility” – stressed Dr. Iztok Seljak for the Slovenian media.

EDISON Project Milestones
• In the autumn of 2015, BMW Slovenia in cooperation with Rotary Club Idrija, initiated a humanitarian project for assisting children with special needs, thus through renting electric cars BMW i3. From today’s perspective, it was the first e-cars sharing in Slovenia and region.

• In May 2016, BMW Slovenia/Rotary International partnership resulted in a larger humanitarian action wherefrom the idea of Green Keltika originated: along 120 km long regional road (Logatec-Idrija-Tolmin-Kobarid-Bovec) ten 22hW charging stations were installed to charge over 200 e-vehicles per day.

• In May 2016, our Sarajevo Summit100, featured the projects Green Balcanica and Green Adriatica, initiated and presented by Dr. Iztok Seljak. The concept involves electrification of 2.400 km of highways (from Ljubljana to Zagreb, Belgrade, Skopje, Tirana, Prishtina, Dubrovnik, Split, Zadar, Koper; with upgrade to Ljubljana to Salzburg, Munich and Ljubljana to Maribor and Budapest/Bratislava) including e-car sharing in the capitals and e-bus connections between the cities.

• In April 2017 in Belgrade, in a partnership between Summit100 and Rotary Slovenia and Serbia under the leadership of Dr. Iztok Seljak the first super charging stations in Serbia were promoted. The project was entitled eBelgrade.

• In July 2017 in Ljubljana in the presence of high governmental officials headed by the Prime Minister, Mr. Miro Cerar and more than 40 Slovenian project partners (companies, universities, institutes and municipalities), a joint EDISON cooperation agreement was signed, placing Slovenia as a reference country of green mobility on the European map.

• In July 2017 EDISON project was presented by Dr. Iztok Seljak at the Western Balkans Summit in Trieste at the plenary panel: “Regional Economic Area – Translating the Regional Integration Into Concrete Business Opportunities“

• In September 2017, eCelje will be launched.

EDISON grew up to be a SEE concept laboratory for green mobility and a huge potential for development of the local economies. Presently, the project is in the phase of regional deployment and its structuring as EU eligible project for financial perspective 2021 – 2027. An integral part of that master plan will be the promotion of eCelje planned for September 15-16 2017., where, just like in Summit100 in Skopje, Violeta Bulc, EU Comissioner for Mobility and Transport and former Summit100 member will be referring on its strategic importance for the EU region and wider.

The Spiritus agens of EDISON project is one of Summit100’s founding members, PhD Iztok Seljak, President of Management board of the Slovenian “Hidria” – оne of the leading European and global corporations in the field of automotive and industrial technologies.