Business leaders of Southeast Europe in Portoroz

Ljubljana 11. 5. 2015 – Opportunities for regional co-operation in the fields of energy,
tourism, transport and infrastructure, and the financial sector, particularly the rôle of
smart cities in economic development are the main themes of Summit100 for business
leaders in Europe to be held on 1st and 2nd June in Portoroz, Slovenia, organised by
the Managers’ Association of Slovenia – MAS.
This fourth annual gathering of the most prominent entrepreneurs and business
people from Southeast Europe, as well as heads of state from around the region, and
business leaders, will discuss possible joint projects in the most propulsive business
sectors such as food and beverages, energy, infrastructure and transport, the digital
economy, tourism, and the knowledge-based economy.
It is expected that around 150 of the most prominent business leaders in Europe
will be attending this event, similar to previous years. On the tables, grouped by sector,
leaders will discuss the obstacles and possibilities of co-operation in the region. Ideas
on how to improve regional co-operation in these sectors will be presented at the
plenary panel of the Presidents of South Eastern Europe (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina,
Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia), hosted by the
Slovenian President, Borut Pahor.
The time is ready to work on specific projects, particularly the establishment of
the transport network, said Iztok Seljak, President of the Board of Summit100 announcing
the event. “We’ll talk about how the region can take advantage of €300-billion
development project cycle presented by the European Commission, as well as alternative
methods of financing regional projects. The results of the participants will discuss with the
ministers of the governments of the region in order to convey our creativity into reality and
to the future of our region “, said Seljak.
Special attention during the meeting will be the rôle of smart cities in the region
that can become leaders in inclusive and sustainable growth. Mayors of major cities in
the region have recognised this event as an excellent platform for co-operation, and
they will sign a declaration of understanding that will commit them to finding solutions
for smart cities and to share their experience and knowledge.
Summit100 is the first and unique event of its kind in the region, and is conceived
as a strong cohesive force for future economic co-operation, as well as a force in the
efforts of political leaders in order to improve standards throughout the region. This
event aims to show the determination of business leaders to assume their responsibility
in creating a vision and requirements for strengthening the competitiveness of
national economies and the competitive potential of the whole of South East Europe.
First Summit100 was first organised in 2011 in Serbia, secondly in Montenegro, and
the third in Croatia, all under the patronage of the domiciled Presidents. Summit100
business leaders’ initiative was started in 2011 by the Serbian Association of Managers,
the Croatian Employers Association and the Managers Association of Slovenia – MAS,
and rapidly supported by the Atlas Foundation in Montenegro.