The Board

The Board of the Summit100 formed in early 2012, meets on quarterly basis throughout the region and and decides on the strategy and development of the initiative.

The Presidents of the Summit100 2016 Board are Eldin Hadžiselimović, General Director Asa Holding and Amer Bukvić, CEO, Bosna Bank International and the other Board members are:

  • Iztok Seljak, CEO, Hidria
  • Franjo Bobinac, President of the Board, Gorenje
  • Jelena Bulatović, Executive Director, Serbian Association of Managers
  • Gordana Deranja, President, HUP
  • Duško Knežević, President, Atlas Group
  • Damir Kuštrak, Vice President for External Markets, Agrokor
  • Miša Lukić, President, MMS Communications as Creative Director of the Summit100
  • Davor Majetić, General Director, HUP
  • Živko Mukaetov, CEO, Alkaloid
  • Milan Petrović, President, Serbian Association of Managers
  • Maja Piščević, Executive Director, American Chamber of Commerce in Serbia
  • Jelena Radulović, partner at Alba Partners serves as Program Director
  • Bojan Radun, CEO, Bambi
  • Meli Meliha Ramušović, Director of Development and Philantropy, Atlas Foundation
  • Sonja Šmuc, Executive Director, Združenje Manager Slovenia

The meeting of the Board with Mr. Borut Pahor, President of the Republic of Slovenia, host of the Summit100 2015